DIY 2016 Calendar


*coughs* Um, well, after that enthusiastic intro…
Ello, It’s a me, Duaa! (If you get that reference, then you have had an awesome childhood) and welcome back to another day of Infinity, tired of us yet? I personally apologise for no post on last Monday, I had no wifi for literally 5 days, I kid you not! So to make up for my no post last Monday, I’m doing a wittle somethang (my slang be on fleek XD) that I was supposed to do last Monday, Your very own, DIY 2016 CALENDAR (wow, that was a mouthful, but only if you read it in a special voice, you know those shows, How to be a millionaire and they are like, you just got your… 6 TICKETS TO ANY CRUSIE SHIP OF YOUR CHOICE!, Moving on!). Now we can get creative with this. I got this idea from Pinterest, love ya buddy! Its a combination of two pins I saw:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.50.57 PM

From Mom 4 Real

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.51.21 PM

From Photojojo

P.S: Check out both the links for even more ideas! (this isn’t sponsored by anyone, just thought it would be a good idea!)
So to break it down for y’all (that texan accent tho) what my idea is that create your calendar or use a template, whatever floats your boat, just make sure it has a big blank space at the top, with no words or anything, and it has enough square spaces for all the days, individually, maybe its just me, but I don’t like days sharing the same square, it really irks me. If you want, you can add like a notes area or a little more customisation, as I said before, completely up to you!
Side note: It might be easier to get a template online or create your own online, so you can make adding the pics easier, then again, up to you! I am a perfectionist, soooooo, just some tips if you’re simliar!
Once you have your design to your liking, with of course all of the requirements, and 12 sheets, add picture/s that you took last year that very month (is that a little confusing? Let me explain: The pictures you took June 2015? put them in the June 2016 part of the calendar! Easier?) ! Now here is where YOU come in. Here are some ideas for what you can do:

• Take only your favourite picture that you took that last year of same month and only that one picture for that month. Put that on the your calendar and then type in (or write in) the month wherever you want.
• Take your one picture that you took that last year of the same month and try to recreate it as best you can, then put in both of those and then put in the month’s name, again, wherever you want
• Take many (or all) the pictures you took that last year of the same month and put them all on there, then put in the name of the month (do I have to type this again?)
And you can do so much more! To spice up the third one, recreate them all! Instead of picture you took, do things you bought that month (Same logic as the pictures one), like your pet, if you got your pet or like your car, once again same logic, got the pet or car in December 2015? Put it in the December 2016 area! After you are done, print it out, punch hole, and stick it in a binder! Make sure you got all the proportions right! Double check with the pictures. All you have to do is make sure its landscape and that the double sided thing is correct! Don’t want to be wasting paper or ink! But then again, if you know a better way, go ahead and do it! And leave the suggestion in the comments, we might just add it in!
I love this DIY because it is so flexible, you don’t just have to use it for the new year. And you can give this to a friend as a new year gift, put in memories and stuff like that, that happened that same month last year! IDK, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! You can get really creative with this. I am soooooooo gonna try this! And you should too!


Okay, so after that fun post, (I hope it was fun…). I need to get serious. Before I say this, you guys need to understand that I am not a quitter, but I do care about myself and my happiness (Want to know where that came from? Click this!) (Wow Duaa, still promoting yourself…) Anyway, I hate to say this, I mean, I love blogging, I really do, just ask my parents, its all I ever talk about; and I love Anna and Aishi, but me, blogging and Anna+Aishi, don’t go hand in hand together. (Stop digressing Duaa!) (Ooh, a SAT Vocab word, Anna should be proud!) For reasons that I won’t disclose,  I am leaving Infinity. If you REALLY want to know why, ask, and maybe Anna or Aishi will respond. IDK. So this is my last post. I’m sorry that I’m saying this out of the blue, but I am not sorry for leaving. I hope you understand. This means that I will not be doing youtube either. I might do guest posts but that depends on Anna and Aishi, and if I want to. And another thing, This is the last week for Infinity BLOG! As far as I know, Anna and Aishi will not be continuing this blog, but still be doing youtube together. Idk any further, so if any questions, email them, and I’m sure they will be happy to answer! They would love suggestions of what you guys want to see!

So I guess this is it, this is Goodbye…

I Love You ❤
Duaa Signing Off! (forever…)

(I realise we haven’t done this in a while, our new followers must be so confused to why we have 2 extra ‘i’s in our site address and Instagram username, or why is, Inspire, Ignite, Infinity; our email, to clear it up, its our slogan)

Inspire, Ignite, Infinity

Instagram: @iiinfinityblog

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